4 Secular but Sacred Songs

There are many good examples of both religious and secular music, but what about songs which seem to cross the two over? Below, I’ve listed some of my personal favourite songs which are secular but sacred.

1: “God in the Numbers” – Richard Ashcroft

A track from the Verve frontman’s 2002 album “Human Conditions”. It may be pointing to the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio. Some people consider these to be proof of God’s existence revealed in mathematics. Maybe Ashcroft’s inspirations came from elsewhere, but he does imply something divine within the numerical.

2. “Science & Faith” – The Script

In 2010, this track was released on the Script’s album of the same name. It’s about a couple debating matters of science, with the woman making the point that science cannot measure the love between her and her man. It’s an interesting perspective on how people might interpret their romantic love and wider philosophical issues.

3. “Pressing On” – Bob Dylan

Released on the legendary Dylan’s 1980 album “Saved”, this track is about Dylan’s conversion to born-again Christianity. A bold, hopeful number, it shows Dylan with both vulnerability and triumph; speaking of how he strives towards the Lord despite being a sinner.

4. “Dream” – Priscilla Ahn

From the 2008 album “A Good Day”, this song seems to talk about a person’s life. It mentions the thoughts of a “little girl” and takes us towards the end of her life, with her trying to discern her purpose. Finally, Ahn’s character seems ready to meet her maker, pondering the delight of Heaven that awaits.