Upcoming: Catholic Geeky Book Reviews

Well now that we have a live site, let’s read a few books, shall we? Each month, I plan to post a book review. These reviews will pertain to the various geeky interests from around the Catholic Geeks universe: general geekdom, theology, politics, movies, philosophy, science, culture, and literature. These reviews will go live towards the end of the month (the last Saturday, to be exact) and I will mention the next book up for review at that time. That way if you want to contribute to the discussion here or on one of our Facebook groups, you can pick up a copy of the book and dive in!

This month’s book, for which I will post the review on July 29th, will be An Astronaut’s Guide to Living on Earth, by Col. Chris Hadfield.

These reviews will contain general thoughts on the selected books, but will also look at them in terms of our Catholic Faith, even if the book itself is not written from an explicitly Catholic viewpoint. Sometimes fiction, sometimes nonfiction, anything is up for grabs. Once the school year starts (I am a seminarian and have a lot of reading to do), I will most likely alternate between theology and other disciplines (meaning, some of the books I review here may be texts that I use in class).

The author, enjoying a bit of C.S. Lewis on a spring day

Any suggestions for reviews? Feel free to leave them in the comments! Until then…