5 Reasons Spider-Man Homecoming was Great

If you haven’t seen the new Spider-Man Homecoming yet, you should! My husband and I got the rare opportunity to leave our sleeping kids at home and go see it and while we have different taste in movies, we both enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

Here’s why it was great:

1. Believable villain. He wasn’t crazy or evil or purposefully mean.. He was just a good guy doing the wrong things and getting sucked into the crime world.. and that made me relate to him so much more. Falling into sin is easy and he shows us just how easy it can be when you start bending your moral compass.

2. Maturity level for Spider-Man was about right. A lot of the time they have this 15 year old kid who is acting like a 25 year old, and it doesn’t make much sense. He shouldn’t be making smart decisions ALL the time.. He’s still a kid! And it’s fun to see a kid behaving like a kid does and not pretend he’s just a small adult. Kids nowadays are being forced to grow up quickly, being pushed to having relationships (and have sex) much too soon and I’m happy to see the 15 year old Spider-Man has just a crush and isn’t jumping into bed just yet. In fact, that doesn’t even seem on the radar. Thumbs up Marvel!

3. A nod to today’s technology. You see video blogging, recordings being made, cellphones being tracked.. It’s clear they spent some time making the movie feel like it was happening last week and not 10 years ago and it makes it that much more fun.

4. Tony Stark gets to be the mature one. It was really nice to see another side of his personality; usually the one throwing jokes around and never taking anything too seriously, he’s the one setting the rules, not breaking them. It comes as a nice change and adds depth to his character.

5. Fun reveal about who the villain is! I won’t tell you though, go see it for yourself!